Zinc Glycinate

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Well-tolerated zinc formula designed for seasonal immune stress*

bul Chelated zinc glycinate for better absorption than other forms

bul Supports healthy immunity, antioxidant activity, and enzyme function*

bul Promotes cellular health and normal cellular metabolism*

bul Non-GMO and Certified Vegan

The essential mineral zinc plays numerous complex roles throughout the body, supporting the basic functions of cells, enzymes, the immune system, and more.* By influencing the production, differentiation, and function of both innate and adaptive immune cells, zinc can help the body appropriately respond to numerous immune stressors.* Zinc also helps strengthen important antioxidant defenses against harmful free radicals.* Expertly formulated Zinc Glycinate delivers a substantial daily serving of this vital mineral in a highly absorbable, chelated form designed for optimal effectiveness.

Zinc Glycinate