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'Recreate Your Health: One Year to a New You' Book

'Recreate Your Health: One Year to a New You' Book

In Recreate Your Health-One Year to a New You Dr. Rachel tosses out the 21 day cleanse mentality and provides a lifelong approach to wellness. She describes 12 full months of clear steps to achieve better health: physically, mentally, and chemically. With these three aspects of health in mind she will explain:
  1. The missing link between gut function its impact on overall wellness and mental health
  2. Making sense of leaky gut and why mainstream approaches have it wrong
  3. The power of the Ketogenic Diet to take brain performance, energy, and weight loss to the next level
  4. Slow aging and reboot your cells with Intermittent Fasting
  5. How to decide what kind of exercise to engage in and when it's best for your body
  6. Non-traditional, no nonsense meditation techniques
  7. The health benefits of having friends and a community and why it's important to socialize regularly
  8. How to make sense of different Alternative Medicines and why they have become main-stream.
Dr. Rachel welcomes you to engage in this journey to a new you with improved health, vitality, motivation, and passion for living. The variety of techniques discussed in this book are aimed to aid you in finding your optimal nutrition, exercise and social strategy. Every individual is different. Dr. Rachel recognizes this and attempts to help you discover your own path rather than constantly following the false "one size fits all" type of wellness plans.


About Us

Dr. Travis and Dr. Rachel are Chiropractors in Port Huron, Michigan. Both doctors have been life-long athletes and continue to experience the benefits of workout nutrition. Their current sports include bodybuilding, BJJ, and Crossfit. They have experienced which supplements are optimal for each.They also use therapeutic nutrition in patient treatment plans. The reason they opened the supplement store in 2019 was to better provide care for their patients and community by offering product support six days a week. This morphed into more athletic nutrition focus as well as athletic apparel. We also have a Nutritionist on staff, Erica Brooks MSN. Erica specializes in therapeutic nutrition with focus on auto-immune disease and gut function. She is also in charge of all weight loss/gain programs in the office.

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Chelsie Kaminski


My husband and myself stopped in today for the first time because he was looking for a place to buy protein. Our experience was more than exceptional to say the least.
I wish I would have got the name of the female at the front counter because she was so nice, helpful, knowledgeable and attentive. She explained all the benefits and usage for the products we were looking at (not just from a males perspective) and she hooked us both up with a healthy supplement routine.
I can’t wait to try out all my new stuff and my husband is just as pumped!

You can’t beat the prices either. I’m so happy we found this place.

We will definitely be back. Thank you for all your help.

Sonya Snellenberger


Very friendly, helpful, clean, and inviting environment. Glad I stopped in. Thank you for offering so many options and listening to what I was seeking out.

Paige Stover


Another gem added to the Blue Water area. BA supplements helped me find the perfect protein powder for my in-between meals. The employees are sooo knowledgeable and well versed! 10/10 will be back again!