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Is your diet short on fruits, vegetables and whole grains? The fiber contained in these nutrient dense foods is crucial for your health.

Only 5% of Americans consume the appropriate amount of fiber on a daily basis. The 95% of us that fall short on fiber intake are extremely undereating fiber - only consuming about 50% of our daily needs!

Fiber has been shown to help lower your risk for heart disease and cancer. Eating the proper amount of fiber daily will also assist in improving blood glucose levels, reducing your hunger and cravings, which can prevent unwanted weight gain.

Maintaining healthy digestive function can lower the risk of developing hemorrhoids and diverticular disease. Plus, it may also help cleanse your digestive tract and remove toxins from your system, so they are not absorbed or reabsorbed into your body.

1st Phorm’s Fiber can be mixed with Opti-Greens 50 and Opti-Reds 50 for optimal digestive health and function!