Self Led Gut Restore Program

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-Instruction Binder

Binder will include diet and supplement instructions, printed PowerPoint to follow along with videos, food journal, macro cheat sheets, and any other resources

-Recreate Your Health Book

-Required Supplements (Leaky Gut Program and Whole Body Cleanse Program)

-Genetics Test and Report of Findings 5 weeks after swab sent in by client

1-month Supply of supplement needs found on test (Average 5 products)

-Link to Videos

No time for in person appointments? We have pre-recorded videos of all information discussed in program appoints. These are partially educational and partially techniques to better implement the lifestyle changes recommended in this program into your lifestyle.

-Unlimited Email Communications 

Email with questions about program.


Local Customers we suggest adding body scan package: InBody Scan – Beyond Athletics Supplements (


Need to break up payment?

You may split payment into 3 parts.

Part 1- Gut Products

Part 2- Liver Products

Part 3- Genetics Products


Video Access Only- will have a password emailed to you within 24 hours to access video portal with 12 videos:

Video 1

Introduction to Program

Video 2

Healthy Meal Preparation and Shopping tips

Video 3

Inflammation and Leaky Gut

Video 4

Why certain foods can cause disease

Video 5

Importance of Liver Health and ways to improve detox

Video 6

Fasting strategies and other detox boosters 

Video 7

Heart Health/ Circulation, Exercise and Sleep

Video 8

Macros on Paleo/Keto vs Mediterranean for Body Composition Optimization

Video 9

Stress Management and Adrenals

Video 10

Hormone Balance (Thyroid/Male/Female)

Video 11

Brain Balance and Genetic Factors

Video 12

Nutrition for anti-aging



Self Led Gut Restore Program