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RAW Test is one of the most uniquely designed all-in-one formulas on the market to support natural increases in testosterone and lean muscle mass*. This powerful formula contains 8 key ingredients that, together, support natural testosterone production*, support estrogen balance and metabolism*, promote male sexual health*, and facilitate the maintenance and building of lean muscle tissue*.

RAW Test is made with powerful ingredients like ByroViron®, KSM-66®, Muira Puama, and Rosemary leaf (standardized to ursolic acid).



An extract of Bryonia lacinosa is a popular Ayurvedic ingredient that has been used for centuries to boost natural testosterone production and improve sperm health in men.


A patented Ashwagandha extract that has several clinical studies supporting its use as a pro-fertility and testosterone producing agent. KSM-66 is a high-concentration, bioavailable, full-spectrum ashwagandha extract considered to be the most complete ashwagandha of all major “root only” extracts on the market today.

Rosemary Leaf Extract

This extract is standardized to contain 50% ursolic acid. Evidence has suggested that ursolic acid boosts IGF-1 in strength training males and may inhibit pro-catabolic pathways in skeletal muscle. Thus, possibly preserving muscle mass for those in a calorie deficit or those attempting to recover their natural testosterone production.

RAW Test