ProOmega® 2000-D

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2000 mg EPA+DHA plus 1000 IU of natural
   vitamin D3 per serving

  •  Delicious natural lemon flavor

  •  Highest-concentration, triglyceride-form omega oil

  •  Achieves American Heart Association recommended
  •    doses for heart health*

  •  Unmatched support for heart, brain, and eye health *
  •  Supports bone health and helps optimize
  •     immune function*

  •  Triglyceride form for better absorption of
  •     essential omega-3s*

In addition to the omega-3 benefits of ProOmega 2000, each serving of ProOmega 2000-D provides 1000 IU of natural vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol), meeting the daily recommendation for children and adults who don’t receive adequate sun exposure.

ProOmega 2000-D is a unique fish oil product that features ultra-concentrated EPA+DHA in the
highly-absorbable, triglyceride molecular form.* Offering even more omega-3s in fewer soft gels, this powerful formula provides unmatched support for heart and brain health, musculoskeletal system health, and healthy immune function.*

ProOmega® 2000-D