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Glycogen Replenishment Formula

It’s no mystery that quality muscle gains start with your post-workout nutrition. What you put into your body immediately after intense exercise can make or break your results. Ignition was designed to address the most overlooked component of proper post workout nutrition— replenishing your glycogen stores and spiking your insulin for maximum protein and nutrient assimilation.

You’ve been hearing for years to drink protein immediately after your workout, but that’s only part of the story! The truth is that protein post workout is only a small component of what your body needs for proper recovery and is not even its top priority when you walk out of the gym. Taking a protein shake on its own is better than taking nothing at all, but at 1st Phorm® we are about getting you the best possible results, not the “better than nothing” results. Flying solo with protein only after a workout means that your body will very slowly digest this protein, convert most of it into glucose and push it into the cell as glycogen. That translates into a lot of wasted time, effort, and money on your part and leaves no protein in the end to build and repair with since it has all been converted into glycogen. The time and effort that your body could be recovering or building muscle is spent with remedial digestive tasks; money you’ve spent on proteins is essentially wasted in the conversion process. In addition to a whey isolate, you should always consume a fast absorbing carbohydrate that spikes your insulin levels to replenish glycogen stores and take full advantage of the proteins you are taking.