Dual Ply Lifting Straps

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Don’t Let Grip Strength Stop You From Getting Juicy

We all want a back so wide that Thor himself would give you a fist bump to show respect.

Having a strong back plays a massive role in the amount of weight you can lift during squats, deadlifts, and bench.

But most importantly, having a solid back will help protect the spine, which is important for longevity.

The unfortunate reality is that your hands are needed for almost any back exercise.

And here’s the downside to us being so reliant on them…

Your hands are not capable of the same strength as your back muscles.

The hands and forearms are the deciding factors in your grip strength.

But these two smaller body parts don’t gain muscle mass the same way the rest of the body does.

This can stop you from progressing in crucial back-building exercises.

But don't worry, this doesn't mean you have to give up on your teenage dreams of having glorious fjord-like lats.

There is a way for you to continue pushing forward even when your grip starts to give out…


Lifting Straps Are a Quick Fix To Get Your Hands Locked Onto the Bar


Within a few seconds, you could be gripping and ripping without the fear of "bitch hands" getting in your way.

And once the barbell is secured, you can start knocking out reps without the weight falling to the ground.

Not only is it going to help you avoid having busted hands.

But these straps also allow you to lift with relaxed arms, allowing you to shift the tension more to the back.

These straps aren’t just for deadlifts…

They are useful for accessory movements such as rows, lat pulldowns, and pulling movements to stop the biceps from taking on more of the load.


Durable Material Designed To Withstand 1000+ Pounds


Are you going to be pulling 1000 pounds? Maybe not - but it’s sure as hell a good goal to have in mind.

The Dual Ply Lifting Straps were made for aspiring heavy hitters that are moving some serious weight.

We used the most reliable material on the market to ensure that they could hold up under pressure.

This was achieved by using a long-lasting cotton canvas material and heavy-duty double stitching into the fabric.

We also included some silicone grip to give you that extra advantage.

It doesn't matter if you're training strongman, powerlifting, or bodybuilding.

You're guaranteed to dominate your workouts with this versatile lifting accessory.

Dual Ply Lifting Straps