Pro’s and Con’s of Yohimbine

Pro’s and Con’s of Yohimbine

 Yohimbine is a key nutrient in Fire Dragon Pre-Workout by Beyond Athletic Supplements. So why would you include this nutrient?


 This African evergreen tree is commonly used as an aphrodisiac but this plant can aid in sports performance and muscle recovery as well. It increases blood flow to muscles creating a pump affect. It can increase blood flow to other fun areas of the body as well.

 Yohimbine is an effective bodybuilding supplement. Multiple studies confirm that it improves fat loss. It is also effective and boosting energy levels and improving endurance. That's why we stock it in capsule or pre-workout forms. 

Who can take Yohimbine?

This supplement is excellent for both men and women. Daily use of this supplement can promote improved blood flow, promote sexual function, enhance mood, and boost overall feelings of well-being. In addition, it is one of the best natural fat burners on the market today. Research suggests yohimbine naturally promotes increased blood flow in the periphery and stimulates processes involved in the breakdown of fat tissue.

Fat Burner Properties 

Yohimbine's ability to block the alpha-2 adrenergic receptors located in fat cells may lead to the support of weight loss. This of course does not substitute for a diet, but aids in a weight loss plan.


Analysis of Pro's and Con's

Enhanced Fat Burning
Increase Sweat/Pump
Yohimbine has positive affects on:

Blood Pressure
Sexual Performance
Increased adrenaline and dopamine
Increased motivation
Increased arousal
Improved Blood Sugar control


Yohimbine can contribute to negative side affects such as:
Stomach problems
Tachycardia (a rapid heartbeat)
Can block serotonin production
Should not be taken with tricyclic anti-depressants
Should not be taken is pre-existing heart conditions


How should it be taken?

Yohimbe supplements appear to be most effective when it's consumed while in a fasted state. It also yields the best results when it's paired with consistent exercise (which is why it's included in our Dragon Fire pre-workout supplement).